LED Lighting for Your Business



Businesses owners understand the importance of the bottom line.

The Energy House wants to help cut your expenses, seeing where we can upgrade your current energy usage to more energy effiecent lighting. There are countless benifits, to name just a few:


  • Long Life - LED Lights have up to 50,000 hours in operating life, compared to the mere 1,000 hours for an incandescent, and even more than a CFL (8,000-10,000 hours)

  • Durable -  Every LED bulb used by The Energy House has gone through extensive testing by Energy Star and DLC. These bulbs are made with strong parts that can withstand even the roughest conditions. LED bulbs are nearly shatterproof, and resistant to shock, vibrations, even external impact. They are reliable in extreme hot and cold temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor settings, freezer rooms or any other place where the temperature varies.  

  • Lower Maintence Cost - Due to the longer life, costs of purchasing new bulbs and time to swap them out is eliminated. Although it may not seem like a big deal to change a light bulb, these costs add up. Incandescent bulbs give off 90% of their energy in heat (according to www,energy.gov). Since LED lights do not get hot, you save money in cooling costs, besides getting the most illumination out of your lights. 

  • Optimal for Everyday Use - Unlike typical flourencents, LED lights do not take time to "warm up". When switched on, they light up immediately. Also, frequent switching on and off does not effect the LED bulb's lifetime or light emission. In contrast, frequent on/off switching in traditional lighting drastically reduces operational life expectancy.

  • Perfect for Any Type of Business - LED lights come in every shape and size, and fit in any existing fixture. Nearly all LED bulbs are dimmable and can use current dimming switches to create exceptional mood lighting to meet your business's needs. LED lights are designed to focus its light, and can be directed to a specific location. This way all of your  energy usage is being put where you need it. Possibly most important, LED lights do not produce infrared light or UV emmissions. Therefore LED lighting is very well suited to many businesses like retail stores, art galleries, and museums,  where these emissions can cause damage or fading.

And not to mention:

  • Enviromentally Safe - CFL and other fluorecents contain multitudes of harmful chemicals, like mercury. They aren't safe for you or the enviroment.  LED bulbs do not contain dangerous chemicals, and are 100% recyclable.

Your Business

with Focus On Energy Instant Rebates

The Small Business Program through Wisconsin's Focus On Energy is designed for any owner that

-Has a energy bill through Wisconsin utilities participating in Focus on Energy™ 

-Has a under 100KWH on peak demand of electricity per month 


Not sure what your energy usage is?  This information can be found on your energy bill. Typically, qualifying businesses have a bill of about $3,000-$5,000. 

Have The Energy House come to your business for FREE and see if you qualify. 

Learn more from Wisconsin's Focus On Energy video about The Small Business Program

Examples of Eligible Bussinesses, but Not Limited to:



Agricultural Producers     Churches     Day Care Centers

Farms     Independent Gas Stations      Independent Retailers

Non-Profit Organizations     Restaurants     Non-Public Schools

Small Hotels/Motels     Small Industries     Small Laundromats

Small Offices     Strip Mall Tenants     And many more!


Small Business Lighting Package

Instant Rebates from Focus on Energy (FOE)


Upgrade to an LED lighting system with the new Focus on Energy Rebate program

 Small Business Package

Receive a complete energy review for No Cost To You!


Troffers are the fluorescent tubes in the ceiling fixture (usually 2 x 4)




Packages includes up to the following:

  • LED bulbs

  • LED Tubes

  • LED can lights

  • LED Highbays

  • LED Canopy lights

  • LED Parking lot lights

  • LED Warehouse lighting

  • LED Industrial lighting

  • LED Office lighting

  • LED Sign lighting

  • New motors and controls on refrigeration


This great program can do wonders for the bottom line at your business. 

Sign up now!

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