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          Lower cost and higher CRI index means more business and profit for you!  

LED Billboard Lighting

In this picture, only one 80 Watt lamp is replacing where two 458 Watt bulbs used to be. This is a 83% reduction in energy! Only 1 lamp lights this sign, yet it lights up with crystal clear colors.


LED are affordable, Make the sign look better which produces more buys and has a much higher ROI.

95 CRI LED Lights

This sign shows 150 Watt LED lamp, giving a 95 CRI rating. 


 95 is very close to the actual color and shows amazing colors. Lower numbers for CRI change the way the color appears to your eye. With lower number CRI, even 70 CRI, the color appears to look faded. As you can see, the higher CRI number, the more vivid the colors are displayed.

LED Energy Savings


This photo shows two 80 Watt bulbs (after) that  are replacing four 500 Watt bulbs. 160 Watts vs 900 Watts of energy -- That's an incredible 83% decrease!

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