Better Insulation Makes More Efficient and Lean Facilities

Spray foam and loose blown insulation help keep money from radiating out of your roof

Simple upgrades to your facility can result in big long-term savings in energy costs. One of the most common inefficiencies we see, in addition to LED lighting upgrades, is improper insulation, which allows money to radiate out of your ceiling. Insulation upgrades can be one of the most cost-effective upgrades to commercial and industrial facilities, as well as large multi-family units.

Spray Foam Insulation

For insulating basements, industrial facilities & commercial properties, spray foam insulation can be a huge cost savings. 

Attic Insulation

Without a well-insulated attic, your multi-family unit could be leaking all of your heat straight outside. That means cold tenants, high heating bills, and potential issues with ice dams forming on your roof.

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Insulation for WI Commercial & Industrial Properties

In Midwestern states like Wisconsin, an uninsulated attic can lead to substantial energy and money loss. During the winter months, an insulation issue is a significant detriment to the building's climate control. Heated air from the furnace rises to the ceiling. If the attic is not insulated, it will escape, and all the energy costs to heat the air will go to waste. Don't let poor insulation or ineffective lighting diminish your bottom line.


2021 Wisconsin Insulation & Air Sealing Rebates


Why Insulation?

Heat flows from warm to cool spaces. Insulation keeps it where you want it: inside the living space during colder months, and outside when the weather heats up. Your tenants will thank you.

Why air sealing?

Gaps around the soil stack, chimney, open kitchen and bath soffits can make it hard to control the temperature and cause heating and cooling systems to work overtime. Seal air leaks to help your tenants stay comfortable with less concern about monthly energy bills.

Ice Dams

Poor insulation and lack of air sealing cause ice dams. Air seal and insulate your attics to a minimum of an R-38 to help prevent ice dams.

How much can you save?

Focus on Energy cash incentives cover about 30% of the cost. Air sealing and insulation incentive = 6,912 sq. ft. x $0.70 = m $4838

  • Effective R-0 to R-11 = $0.70 per square foot of attic space
  • Effective R-12 to R-19 = $0.40 per square foot of attic space
  • Effective R-20 to R-38 = $0.25 per square foot of attic space

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