Cost-Saving LED Lighting Installation for Milwaukee, WI

Energy House has helped Milwaukee businesses save money for years. We offer LED lighting installations that not only save energy but your wallet too. Calculate your savings with our free ROI generator and call us today for a quote. Upgrading your commercial lighting can help improve your business! We install at any commercial building.

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How It Works: You Make Money When You Upgrade to Energy House LED Lights

It's true! The money you will save from upgrading to LED lighting is enough to pay for the installation, and still have money left over going right back into your pocket. Your new lighting literally pays for itself. To top it off, your bottom line will continuously benefit from the Energy House upgrades for years after they're installed.

Get in touch with one of our LED lighting consultants so you can see the best results. They will recommend the optimal solution for your commercial or industrial facility, and help to ensure maximum ROI. Here's how we're able to lower your monthly electric bill.

How it Works

Reduce business electric bill in Milwaukee - Commercial LED lighting installation
LED Lighting energy saving calculator

Calculate LED Lighting Savings with Our ROI Calculator

Find out how much you will save with LED lighting upgrades by using our LED Lighting ROI Calculator! This calculator is based on hundreds of Wisconsin installations over many years - so it's only an estimation but it's still fairly accurate. If you're looking for a more exact projection of how much you could save, contact Energy House and get an on-site evaluation and/or LED lighting consultation. Our team of professionals is dedicated to finding the best solution for you!

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Commercial Benefits of LED Lighting Installation in Milwaukee

By installing more efficient LED lights and lighting fixtures, we have improved the bottom line for businesses and commercial properties all over Milwaukee. Not only do LED lights save money, but they also improve the lighting quality and overall appearance of an entire space. These results have been achieved by Energy House for an assortment of Wisconsin buildings and businesses, including:

See LED Lighting Results in Milwaukee by Energy House

Check out our image gallery to see real results from Energy House customers!

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LED fixture and retrofitting in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee LED Light Retrofitting

Retrofitting your business with LED lighting will reduce costs in energy and maintenance while improving your lighting quality. The light quality produced by LEDs ranks close to natural light on the Color Rendering Index, creating a more welcoming and effective working environment. At Energy House, we provide options for interior and exterior LED light fixtures to suit any space. Whether you need to light up an office space or a parking lot, LED lights from Energy House are cost-effective and high-quality solutions. Let us help illuminate your Milwaukee business!


LED Retrofitting

LED fixtures and retrofit kits installed by Energy House (Milwaukee, WI)

Milwaukee LED Lighting Rebates & Incentives

Wisconsin power companies offer many energy rebates and incentives for those who upgrade their facilities with high-efficiency lighting. Energy rebates can reduce the cost of LED installation even more and increase your return on investment by around 20%. Combining energy rebates with LED lighting will maximize your cost savings.


LED Lighting Rebates


Milwaukee LED Lighting Consultation

Our professional team has over a decade of experience and a full inventory of LED lighting fixtures at the ready to help you upgrade your business. If you're still unsure whether LED lights are right for you, contact Energy House's LED light contractors to schedule a consultation. Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-efficient options for your facility and save you as much money as possible.


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Attic Insulation for Milwaukee Properties

Proper attic insulation saves commercial and industrial facilities a lot of money in electric bills. Without it, climate control inside your building suffers and damage can occur. Energy House can stop your hard-earned money from leaking through the ceiling by efficiently insulating your building and keeping the heat inside.


Attic Insulation Service

Energy House installs energy efficient spray foam insulation in attics (Milwaukee, WI)