How to Save $$$ on Your Electric Bill in Waukesha

Energy House has been installing high-quality commercial LED fixtures in homes, schools, restaurants, garages, municipal buildings, and offices all over Waukesha since 2004. Our goal with every installation or retrofit job is to save business owners as much of their hard-earned money as possible. Here's how LED installation will lower your monthly energy bill.

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Energy-Saving LED Light Installation in Waukesha

Energy House's team of professional lighting consultants has the knowledge to evaluate your existing lighting and choose the best lighting fixture solution for your home or business. We will endorse fixtures and/or retrofit kits to upgrade your facility's lighting in the most efficient manner possible. We will work with you to formulate an installation plan which best suits your business hours and location. Finally, we will consider the long-term savings you can expect by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting.

To see just how much money LED installation could save you on your monthly electric bill, use our FREE LED lighting ROI calculator.

How it Works

Reduce business electric bill - Commercial LED lighting installation in Waukesha, WI
LED Lighting ROI calculator

Calculate LED Lighting Savings with Our ROI Calculator

If you're interested in saving money through LED lighting upgrades, our LED Lighting ROI Calculator is available to provide an accurate estimate. Our calculator is based on hundreds of Wisconsin installations over several years - so it's accurate, but still only an estimate. For a precise projection of how much you could save, contact Energy House for an on-site evaluation and/or LED lighting consultation to help determine the best possible solution for you!

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Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting Installation

Energy-efficient lighting will cut your energy costs by as much as 36%. Save money and increase your business's appearance with new Energy House LED lighting fixtures. Energy House has upgraded a variety of commercial buildings and businesses, including:

LED Electric and Lighting Contractors in Waukesha

Energy House is a fully licensed general contractor with certifications from the Building Performance Institute. We also hold a BPI quality control inspector, asbestos operation and maintenance, and lead abatement certifications. In our 17 years of operation, we have completed thousands of exterior and interior LED conversions for commercial properties and public buildings of all kinds.

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Waukesha Commercial LED Lighting Installation

Waukesha LED Light Retrofitting

Retrofitting your commercial building with LED lighting provides a cost-effective solution to improving the lighting quality in and around your facility. We provide a variety of LED light fixtures for interior and exterior applications. During our free on-site lighting audit and consultation, we will advise you on which fixtures are the most ideal for your unique space. We can retrofit everything from the signage outside to the parking lot lights, to any indoor lighting. In every area, LED lights can save you money and improve lighting quality. We've helped hundreds of Waukesha businesses, and we can help you too.

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LED retrofitting by Energy House (Waukesha, WI)

Wisconsin LED Lighting Rebates & Incentives

Wisconsin power companies offer many energy rebates and incentives for those who upgrade their facilities with high-efficiency lighting. Energy rebates can reduce the cost of LED installation even more and increase your return on investment by around 20%. Combining energy rebates with LED lighting will maximize your cost savings.


LED Lighting Rebates


LED Lighting Consultation

Energy House specialists will audit your commercial facility’s lighting for energy usage. Once energy efficiency is determined, we will be able to provide a detailed estimate for potential savings and LED installation costs. Our lighting contractors will then recommend the optimal solution for you and your business.


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Attic Insulation for Waukesha Facilities

Poor attic insulation costs many commercial and industrial facilities thousands of dollars every year. Professionally applied spray foam or loose-blown insulation will ensure that your heat remains inside your building rather than escaping through the roof. Lower your heating bills and keep your building warm by ensuring your attic is properly insulated.

Attic Insulation Service

Energy House installs energy efficient spray foam insulation in attics (Waukesha, WI)