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LED retrofitting is the process of adding new technology to your existing light fixtures. The retrofitting process allows for a more cost-effective upgrade, rather than an expensive replacement of your existing lighting fixtures.

Businesses throughout Waukesha County have lowered their energy costs by as much as 36% through modernizing their existing lighting structures. If you are located in Southeastern Wisconsin, our contractors can modify your lights for effectively better than free - funding your costs out of your energy savings ongoing, rendering you cashflow positive from day zero!

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Types of LED Conversions

  • Fluorescent to LED: Convert strip lights, troffers, and drop ceiling lights to LED
  • Metal Halide to LED: Convert high bay, low bay, flood, canopy, and wall pack fixtures to LED
  • High-Pressure Sodium to LED: Convert street lights, parking lot/garage lights, high bay, low bay, flood, and canopy fixtures to LED



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We Offer These Citywide Services

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—And Everywhere in Between—

 Pewaukee, New Berlin, Muskego, Greenfield, Hartford, West Bend, Middleton, Fitchburg, Stoughton, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Whitewater, Mequon, Sheboygan, Fond Du Lac, and Manitowoc.

Contact Energy House for an on-site estimate for upgrading to LED lighting fixtures. We offer additional exterior lighting solutions for Schools, Parking Lots, Fitness Centers, and more as well as interior lighting upgrades!

LED Retrofitting for Waukesha County Parking Lots & Garages

Businesses across the United States spend $6 billion annually on their lighting. Converting your parking garage lighting to LEDs provides better lighting for safer navigation and a lower electric bill. The amount of heat a light fixture produces will determine its luminous efficiency. Light fixtures that produce more light will lose less energy due to wasted heat. When used on a large scale, modern LEDs will reduce your energy consumption by as much as 50%. The money you will save from retrofitting your parking lot with high-efficiency LEDs will pay for the installation and still leave you in the green. Our LEDs will continue to save you money long after the installation is complete. By using less energy, you will increase your profits and improve the lighting quality in your parking lot or garage.

LED Retrofitting for Southeastern Wisconsin Warehouses

Put an end to those old, buzzing, flickering warehouse lights by upgrading them to LEDs from Energy House USA. Headquartered in Pewaukee, each of our retrofit fixtures has a high color rendering index (CRI) which provides a safer and more efficient work environment by reducing headaches and eye strain. 

Lighting and electricity are two of the more substantial expenses for running a warehouse. With so many lights and so much climate-controlled space, being as efficient as possible can provide significant reductions to operating costs. The average fluorescent tube light uses 14 watts of power when in operation whereas the equivalent LED consumes 6 watts. LED lighting solutions also save you money in maintenance costs. Fluorescent bulbs provide 10,000 hours of runtime when used in commercial applications. LEDs provide around 6X the performance of older designs with runtimes of 60,000 hours. Energy House can help make sure you’re saving as much money as possible, and getting all the energy and lighting rebates you can qualify for.

Saving Small Businesses $$$ with LED Retrofitting

Even without extremely outdated fluorescent bulbs and ballasts, modern LED fixtures can lower your facility’s energy and maintenance costs by as much as 36%. For small businesses with 1-2 locations, this is a major boost in profitability. With the money you’ll save every month, the LED installation will pay for itself - AND still, save you money. Improve your building’s lights and lower your monthly energy costs at the same time. Request our FREE LED ROI Calculator to estimate how much you could be saving.

Benefits of LED Light Retrofitting

  1. Energy efficiency improvements.
  2. Reduce operating costs like electric bills and maintenance (both parts & labor)
  3. Improve lighting quality.

Why complete an LED retrofit?

LED light retrofitting is an inexpensive way to start saving a lot of money. LED fixtures are the most energy-efficient lights available, providing the lowest monthly electric bills and qualifying you for energy rebates. Between a lowered electric bill and rebates, potential savings are often much higher than most Wisconsin business owners anticipate. In fact, the savings are so high, LED conversions will pay for themselves. Each LED fixture will save your business $300 over the course of a year. The more fixtures you upgrade, the more money you will save. More often than not, our clients save enough money to cover the cost of retrofitting, and still spend less money than they did with their old lights. In addition to energy savings, LED retrofitting will lower your maintenance costs. LED lights do not need to be replaced as often and never require ballasts.   

Request our FREE ROI calculator for an accurate estimate on how much LED retrofitting could save you. Or take a look at our LED retrofit gallery to see what your lighting will look like when we're done. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does retrofitting my light fixtures save me money?

Yes it does! Retrofitting can save you money by allowing you to keep your old fixtures while also upgrading to energy efficent LED bulbs

Is retrofitting old fixtures energy efficient?

Retrofitting itself is not energy efficient, but changing your lighting to LED bulbs changes your fixtures to be energy efficient.