Commercial LED Lighting Installation in Appleton, WI

Energy House helps save businesses thousands of dollars by upgrading their old lighting. Modern LED technology is more efficient and cheaper than other lighting options. Between lower energy costs and manufacturer rebates, our customers have made money from installing LEDs in their facilities. High-efficiency lighting offers savings that will only increase over time, starting with the installation process. Estimate your savings!

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How It Works: LED Fixtures From Energy House Make You Money

When it comes to commercial lighting, upgrading to LEDs will generate profits for your Appleton business. The savings created by energy-efficient lighting will offset the installation cost and start making you money. Following installation, the reduced energy costs will significantly decrease the billing for your business. To lower your energy bill as much as possible, contact our team of LED lighting consultants. We will recommend the optimal fixture type and configuration to suit your facility and maximize your ROI.

How it Works

Money saving commercial LED light installation (Waukesha, WI)
LED Lighting energy saving calculator

Calculate LED Lighting Savings With Our ROI Calculator

If you are curious how much money switching to LED lighting will save you, use our ROI calculator to see the results. The calculator's data is based on hundreds of commercial lighting installations over a 10+ year span. The needs of every customer are unique and our ROI calculator is just an estimate of your potential cost savings. This result is based on the number of light fixtures you operate currently, their wattage output, and how many hours a day they are in operation. For an exact cost-savings figure, contact Energy House for an on-site evaluation and/or schedule an LED lighting consultation.

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Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting Installation

Energy-efficient lighting will cut your energy costs by as much as 36%. Save money and increase your business's appearance with new Energy House LED lighting fixtures. Energy House has upgraded a variety of commercial buildings and businesses, including:

See The Difference Quality Lighting Makes

LED lighting installation can help improve your Appleton business while saving you money at the same time, by creating an inviting environment for your workers and customers. The only way of seeing the real difference is by seeing a side-by-side comparison.

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Lighting Fixture Retrofitting in Appleton

Retrofitting your current lighting fixtures will lower your monthly electric bill and create a more welcoming atmosphere for your customers and employees. Energy House carries American-made retrofit kits and fixtures to upgrade interior and exterior can, troffer, and shoebox lights. Light quality is measured using a color rendering index (CRI) scale ranging from 0 (greyscale) - 100 (natural light). Our LED fixtures produce light with a CRI value of 90 or above which increased visibility, reduced eye strain and promotes safe working conditions.


LED Retrofitting


LED retrofitting service (Appleton, WI)

Wisconsin LED Lighting Rebates & Incentives

Wisconsin power companies offer many energy rebates and incentives for those who upgrade their facilities with high-efficiency lighting. Energy rebates can reduce the cost of LED installation even more and increase your return on investment by around 20%. Combining energy rebates with LED lighting will maximize your cost savings.


LED Lighting Rebates

LED Lighting Consultation

Energy House has been working throughout Appleton, WI for over a decade. Our team of LED lighting contractors will work with you to ensure your business is renovated to invite more customers in. If you have any questions, schedule an appointment today.


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Attic Insulation

A poorly insulated attic will lead to increased energy consumption. We help you save you money in more than one way by, spraying foam and loose-blown insulation that will keep the heat inside your building. Lower your heating bills and keep your building warm by ensuring your attic is properly insulated from Wisconsin winters.

Attic Insulation Service



Energy House installs energy efficient spray foam insulation in attics (Appleton, WI)