2 x 2 LED Troffer Multi Watt and Multi Color

Retrofit or Upgrade anywhere in Wisconsin.


20w = 2500 Lumens

25w = 3250 Lumens

30w = 3900 Lumens

35w = 4550 Lumens

Warranty: 7 year

Rating: 75,000 hours

Beam Angle: 140 degree

Dimensions: 2' x 2’

  • Optical frosted lens
  • UL
  • DLC 5.0 Premium
  • Surge protection

2 x 2 LED Troffer Lighting

2 x 2 LED Troffer lighting is a popular choice for indoor spaces like schools, offices, and hospitals. With 2,500 - 4,550 lumens and a rating of 75,000 hours, LED lighting solutions provide effective illumination for years. Plus, with the highest energy efficiency of all lighting, LEDs like this can provide substantial savings on your monthly energy bill. Request our FREE LED savings calculator to see how much you could save by installing LED Troffer lights. Or learn more about how LEDs can reduce your energy bill, and how our process works.

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