2 x 4 LED Flat Panel

Retrofit or Upgrade anywhere in Wisconsin.


35 watt 4,550 Lumens

40 watt 5,200 Lumens

50 watt 6,500 Lumens

55 watt 7,150 Lumens

Warranty: 7 year

Rating: 75,000 hours

  • PMMA Non Yellowing
  • No Glare
  • 0-10v Dimmable
  • UL
  • DLC 5.0

2 x 4 LED Flat Panel

Flat-panel LEDs from Energy House are a sensible upgrade for interior lighting. Our LED lighting solutions boast high lumen outputs of 4,550-7,150 lumens depending on their wattage and will provide 75,000 hours of service. The incredible efficiency and increased lifespan of LED panels will reduce your energy bills and maintenance costs. How much money will you save? Use our FREE Energy savings calculator to find out. 

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