Emergency Battery Back-up Kit

Retrofit or Upgrade anywhere in Wisconsin.

  • 5w = 500 lumens
  • 10w = 500 - 1000 lumens

Warranty: 5 year

Battery Life: 90 Minute

  • No ballast required
  • For single and double end tubes
  • UL listed for field installation
  • Indicator light with test switch

Emergency Battery Back-up Kit 2

Storms, malfunctioning equipment, and electrical surges can all cause a costly power outage. Protect your business' lighting with an emergency battery backup from Energy House. Our backup kits do not require a ballast to operate and provide 500-1000 lumens of output for 90 minutes. If you're are looking to reduce your energy bill, installing LED lighting solutions in your facility should be your first course of action. Use our FREE LED savings calculator to determine how much you can save by upgrading your lighting.

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