LED Large Flood

Retrofit or Upgrade anywhere in Wisconsin.


70 Watt = 8,900 Lumens

100 Watt = 13,300 Lumens

135 Watt = 17,800 Lumens

200 Watt = 26,000 Lumens

250 Watt = 34,500 Lumens

350 Watt = 48,000 Lumens

Warranty: 5 year

Rating: 50,000 hours

  • Universal mount available
  • DLC 5.0
  • IP66
  • UL

LED Large Flood

Floodlights are ideal for providing outdoor security and increasing visibility in large areas such as yards, parking lots, and stages. Energy House offers floodlights with an 8,900-48,000 lumen output and 50,000 hours of runtime, making LEDs more powerful and longer-lasting than older incandescent designs. Learn more about our process and how energy-efficient lighting can reduce your energy bill. Or request our FREE LED ROI calculator to see how much you will save by upgrading your facility with LED lighting solutions

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