Signs Bars LED

Retrofit or Upgrade anywhere in Wisconsin.

  • 2ft = 13w or 15 bars to 1 driver
  • 3ft = 20w or 10 bars to 1 driver
  • 4ft = 26w or 8 bars to 1 driver
  • 5ft = 33w or 6 bars to 1 driver
  • 6ft = 40w or 5 bars to 1 driver
  • 7ft = 46w or 4 bars to 1 driver
  • 8ft = 53w or 4 bars to 1 driver
  • 10ft = 66w or 3 bars to 1 driver

Warranty: 5 year

Rating: 80,000 hours

Beam Angle: 160 degree

Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 4” Top, Side and back mounting

  • No white LED lines very full light
  • Each LED has its own optic lens
  • Double sided bars
  • Meanwell HLG Driver is 240 watts

Signs Bars LED

LED sign bars are a worthwhile upgrade for commercial and business signage. Sign bars from Energy House eliminate striping by diffusing light which makes text and imagery easier to see. With 80,000 hours of runtime, our sign bars are a long-lasting, efficient solution that will lower your electric bill. Request our FREE LED savings calculator to see how much money installing LED lighting solutions will save your facility.

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