Single Side Signs Adhesive Pucks

Retrofit or Upgrade anywhere in Wisconsin.

  • 132 lumens/puck

Warranty: 5 year

Rating: 80,000 hours

  • 1 Driver per bag of pucks
  • 1 Bag will cover a 4 x 6 sign
  • Each diode has an optic lens
  • Pucks are IP67
  • Driver is IP67
  • UL
  • Strong 3m Adhesive for easy installation
  • Eligible for rebates
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Single Side Signs Adhesive Pucks

Puck lights are used for applications in which a large amount of light is required from a small number of light sources. Energy House manufactures adhesive-backed LED pucks which are ideal for single-sided signs and lettering. Upgrading your commercial or retail signage with LED lighting will reduce your energy bill by as much as 36% when compared to older lighting tubes. Use the FREE LED savings calculator to see how much money LED lighting solutions could save you. 

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